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Our Florida City animal removal and wildlife control technicians are equipped to handle any problem you may be experiencing. We can help with the control of numerous wildlife species. We can even handle Florida City dead animal removal, attic insulation removal and replacement, and repair or wildlife exclusion services. We service most of the State of Florida for any of your Animal Control or Pest Removal needs.

Our wildlife removal experts can be counted on year-round to handle all of your animal control needs at your Florida home or business. These licensed and insured technicians are college-educated biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, drawing upon experience from their respective fields to eradicate even the most persistent infestations. Florida City bat removal and roof rat control specialists are also on hand, specially trained and fully prepared to take the necessary steps in order to ensure complete removal of nuisance animals.

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Mice & Rats - How to Exterminate Them From Your Home

Professional Raccoon Trapping Company

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Raccoons will use just about any space they can access for shelter inside or outside a home. This includes trees, sheds, garages, attics, crawl spaces, porches, patios, decks, walls, roofs, and more. They seek out these areas for warm shelter and safe breeding. Mother raccoons will make their nests and birth their young, caring for them all winter long until spring brings more suitable weather. The problem with sharing your personal space with raccoons is the structural damages they cause and the infectious diseases their presence can spread to both humans and pets.

Raccoon Damages

Damages can become extreme and require costly renovation and repairs if left alone for long periods of time. It only takes one season for a raccoon colony to cause a heap of destruction in your home. The combination of their urine, droppings, birthing debris, and decayed food scraps are known to cause unsightly leaks in the walls and ceilings, unbearable odors inside the home, and upper respiratory illnesses. Their mere presence is a threat to your health since they are known carriers of infectious diseases like Leptospirosis, as well as the Rabies virus. They can also carry fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and more that can spread through the home.

Raccoon Cleanup/Decontamination

$150 to $500 or More

Depending on the amount of damage and risk, the cost of raccoon cleanup and sanitation will vary.

Raccoon Damage Restoration

$300 to $2,000 or More

Some companies offer minor restoration services for raccoon damages, such as insulation replacement and drywall repair. But the cost for these services vary depending on the extent of damages. It is best to hire a company for an estimate, and compare estimates for the best overall deal.

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What Are Rats?

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Rats are made to look cute and cuddly in the pet store. They often play a heroic and endearing role in the movies, offering quite a false perspective.

In truth, rat infestation poses health risks, as well as compromises your home structure and aesthetics. There are several ways to "rat proof" your Arizona property, trap and exterminate roof rats that present problems. The best course of action is through preventative measures against rats with effective rat control.

Roof Rats -- Common Rat Infestation Problems

In terms of the rat family, roof rats, or black rats, are known to be an incredible nuisance in AZ, as well as several other U.S. states. They prefer the warm Arizona climate, reproduce rapidly and carry so many diseases a small pamphlet would be necessary to offer a complete list. They are fairly inactive during the day and incredibly active at night --making them difficult to fight.

Taking care of your lawn is one of the best methods of rat control in Arizona. Excess brush, poorly maintained shrubbery and cacti are breeding grounds for roof rats and other small rodents.

Though roof rats are quite common in Arizona, they don't have to become a problem for a house or commercial property. If there is an existing rat infestation, it is recommended to contact professionals in order to rid an establishment of the problem. Qualified Arizona rat control specialists can also prevent rat infestation from reoccurring through preventative measures and a plan of progressive action.

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Raccoon Clean Up Services

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You removed the animals from the attic, but are you finished yet? Nuisance wildlife in your attic can create problems many homeowners never think of. These animals can carry ectoparasites, which after the wildlife host is evicted, may move inside the home looking for a new host—YOU! Bat bugs, mites, ticks and fleas are just some of the ectoparasites you need to be concerned about. Mice in the attic, bats in the attic or various other vistors are notorious for bringing these pests in. Ask our Wildlife Management Specialists to inspect your attic and treat for these critters, after your problem species is removed.

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